Kurt Conti: There are actually New Investors in Anaklia Port Project

Project of Anaklia Port is within the active phase. Holders of the Port are finding your way through construction works plus they are choosing the managing company. Investment studies is being carried.

Kurt Conti, co-founder of “Anaklia Development Consortium” discussed the newest information the Project to TV-program “BusinessContact”, including entrance newest investors in the project.

GBC reports short-version of interview.

  1. Four big publication rack considering the operating with the port, in which you held the meeting, included in this is SSA Marine. How would you think, that has greater possiblity to become operator of Anaklia Port?

All appear to be big companies, including SSA Marine, which representatives have spent a long time in Georgia and so they realize that business proposal is very important to the company for the region, given that the project must employee? lots of people. Professionalism is essential while in the selection process of your operator and that we give value with it too. I hope that finally, we’ll agree in the market part.

  1. How do you really distribute investments and shares inside project?

Conti Group and TBC Group have the equal 40%-40% shares during the project. Van Oord holds small share from your remained 20% , there are lots of new inventors and totally we’ve been 5 shareholders. I can not talk on concrete investments at this time. Negotiations are held, but I usually do not go to whichever risk connected to the funding. We started negotiations regarding the funding with this project with EBRD as well as other banking companies 8 months ago. So, they’re carrying feasibility study before adoption of your decision.

  1. Why brand-new thought we would enter Georgia envisaging economy in the market. What prospects often used within this country?

According anywhere in the planet Bank, Georgia should have 5% economic growth, that is really good indicator comparing to other countries. There always are upward and downward trends. Once we discuss the Port, we must envisage 20-40 year period.? However, noticed trend in america is vital. Ever since then, we now have started getting work done in the region, we’re constantly assured that the country does an essential job and formed good business environment. However you will find challenges, but you are everywhere, nonetheless the biggest the place the land handles them. Georgia is an excellent location for making an investment envisaging the business enterprise climate.

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