Presentation of Three Agricultural Cooperatives in Dusheti Municipality

Oxfam as well as its consortium member organization “Rural Communities Development Agency” holds?press conference on presentation of 3 agricultural cooperatives in Dusheti MunicipalityOn January 25, 2017:

  • “Pomodorna”? (Village Zemo Bulachauri);
  • “Saaragvo” (Village Zemo Bulachauri);
  • “Maghrani Naturaluri” (Village Lapanaantkari);

Established inside framework of your European Neighborhood Program for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) and EU funded project “Supporting Agricultural Co-operation in Georgia.

Event will be attended by way of the representatives within the Eu Delegation to Georgia and Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, Heads with the Municipalities and officials from municipality, ENPRAD consortium member organization and members of other partner non-governmental and governmental organizations.

Agricultural cooperative “Pomodorna” was established in March, 2016. Main activity of the cooperative is manufacturing of several varieties of tomatoes in fully equipped, 1000 sq.m? greenhouse.

Agricultural cooperative “Saaragvo” was established in April, 2015 and main activity within the cooperative is farming of elite potato varieties in village Tsiteli Klde, Dusheti Municipality, at 1300 meters within the sea level, in ecologically clean environment and storage with the harvest in cold storage facility in village Zemo Bulachauri.

Agricultural cooperative “Maghrani Naturaluri” was established in June, 2014. Main activity within the cooperative is farming of different types of potatoes/grain and storage in specially engineered, fully equipped cool storage facility.

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