Second Stage of Georgia-Hong Kong Free Trade Agreement Negotiations Underway

Tbilisi hosted cost-free phase of negotiations between Georgia and Hong-Kong, a unique administrative unit of People’s Republic of China, on free trade relations, Secretary of state for Economy of Georgia reports.

The Georgian delegation was led by Deputy Minister of Economy Genadi Arveladze.

“Government follows the policy of opening additional markets to exporters. It is significant to have finished the mentioned negotiations on key provisions of free trade relations by two phases. We will continue working away at several issues as an element of our workgroup”, Genadi Arveladze said.

At the meeting the parties discussed such issues as trade in products and services, customs procedures, regulations for origin of merchandise, institutional issues and protection measures in trade relations. The parties have achieved agreement on all key directions. Only several issues remain open which is agreed as part of working meeting.

Signing free trade agreement with Hong-Kong are going to be yet another a measure forward. After enactment of the agreement, Georgia has admission to a whole new market with 7.3 million residents. Due to this fact, Georgia’s investment attractiveness boosts along with the agreement will make positive relation to economic development of Georgia.

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