Transaction Fixed on the Real Estate Market in December is within the More 5yrs

National Agency of Public Registry reports that 60 223 transactions were fixed around the real estate market in December.

According for the Department, the amount of registration transactions is grown by 8.7% y-o-y, while – 2.6% m-o-m. Monthly index of registration transactions has long been fixed at 1.431 time of December (December, 2010 =100), which exceeds on the index of the identical month with the previous year (1.317).

However, primary (by 22.6%) transactions from the real-estate and also secondary (5.4%) are increased. Namely, primary transactions were made on 13 049 real C estates, at that 7 973 units are right registration in the frame of state project.

However, the sheer numbers of secondary transactions renders up 47 174 units, as well 3 185 are change of registration from the frame of state project, whereas 1 626 are abolishment of registrations in the frame of state project.

To note, 78.3% of registration transactions, produced in December, 2016 is secondary, while 21.7% – primary transactions (December, 2015, respectively, 80.8% and 19.2%).

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