Wind Power Station Construction Works to Start in Chumateleti in May 2017

Wind power station construction works will begin in Chumateleti in late May 2017. The works can finish in Four years, Nodar Kurtanidze, head of Georgia C Urban Georgia company, told local residents along at the project presentation in Surami on January 17.

The presentation was attended by Khashuri district majority MP Simon Nozadze, Nodar Kurtanidze, director of Georgia C Urban Energy and native residents.

Construction works is going to be accomplished by Georgia-Urban Energy, a subsidiary of Turkish company Anadolu Group.

“We have previously launched negotiations together with the Authorities on wind power station construction. Currently, we’re specifying electricity sales details. Chumateleti wind power station will generate 120-180 megawatt power”, he noted.

We remind you that Gori wind power station generates 20 megawatt power.

About 200 local residents will be used in the work implementation, this company head noted.

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