UK manufacturers looking beyond Brexit negotiations

Commenting about the latest PMI data, Ms Lee Hopley, Chief Economist at EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, said:

“Today’s data make sure that UK manufacturers ‘re looking at night Brexit negotiations to strengthening market opportunities in Europe and beyond, while using acceleration in manufacturing activity in August assisting to provide some welcome offset to sluggish consumer demand in the home.

“With the eurozone PMI hovering at the seventy four month high and sterling hitting ?eight-year lows a few weeks ago, the buoyant demand picture seen across manufacturing supply chains will not be surprising. As publication rack translating these buoyant trading conditions into more jobs and increased investment plans, it appears confidence levels certainly are a far cry from levels reported during the past year.

“However, inflationary pressures from recent exchange rate movements and shortages of some inputs aren’t quite beyond us yet, something the financial institution of England will likely be paying close focus on. The raft of decent survey data within the sector suggest manufacturing output growth will want to look better within the second half with this year pc did during the first, but long run the continued robustness of demand inside the world and the right investment decisions at your home to capitalise on there will probably be answer to sustaining this picture.”

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