Tigers deal with Aggregate Industry to deal with cyber-bullying

Aggregate Industries and Leicester Tigers go on to interact with each other to help you beat bullying within the Leicestershire region once you get your look at cyber bullying.

From now until the end of March, representatives with the Tigers are going to visit schools across Leicestershire to present covers cyber bullying, checking impact of technology and social network.

To date, the ‘Give Bullying the Boot’ campaign has reached 770 schoolchildren from nine schools and 29 classes across the Leicestershire region.

This activity follows research conducted because of the two organisations that has said that 1 / 3 of Leicestershire schoolchildren say social media marketing has added extra pressure to check or act in a certain way, for being nervous about being bullied.

Furthermore, over a fifth (22%) concern yourself with being bullied internet and 1 / 4 have gotten negative comments on his or her web 2 . 0 channels. Identical study indicates that more than 1 / 2 of the schoolchildren in the region have suffered some sort of bullying.

Fran?ois Petry, CEO of Aggregate Industries, comments: “Clearly, online and advertising and marketing is different the way in which children experience bullying, providing a right away, 24/7 avenue for bullying that occurs


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