University of Derby Invest to nurture fund creates 1,000 local jobs

The University of Derby has supported the roll-out of much more than 1,000 jobs in key growth sectors all over the East Midlands since launching its Invest to progress funding scheme in 2014.

The new jobs include roles in transport equipment manufacturing, life sciences, construction, food and drink manufacturing, logistics, engineering and low carbon sectors.

It is really a milestone for any fund, which via a re-circulating finance scheme, delivers a mixture off loans and grants to SMEs to aid specific projects. These include connected with businesses growing, developing or improving their items and related services, along with creating new and sustainable jobs.

Mr Hari Punchihewa, Deputy Chief-Executive and Finance Director from the University, said: “I’m delighted that this scheme managed with the University having an independent panel has reached this impressive milestone.

“The funding from Invest to progress provides much-needed financial support to businesses throughout the East Midlands and contains has a significant economic impact over several key growth sectors. Alongside the ongoing Invest to Grow scheme as well as the additional support to SMEs with the University, we can expect to see further job creation and rise in the wider corporate environment.”

The University seemed to be awarded 16.35m in funding by the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) due to its Invest to progress scheme. However, since this is a re-circulating finance scheme, there is certainly still recycled loan funding to be repaid to the scheme and recirculated to new projects.

Mark Wheddon, Head of Delivery for Invest to cultivate for the University of Derby, added: “In accessory job creation, handling the Invest to develop fund has facilitated enhanced links between businesses as well as University. There are a few a example of ongoing collaboration, knowledge exchange as well as a general increased focus to the University’s wider role as an economic anchor institution supporting the region’s businesses.

“The funding has directly enabled businesses to recruit new staff and provide in new skills or triggered training and upskilling existing employees, often in relation to new equipment, technology or processes. Quite a few funding recipients in addition continued to work alongside the University through employing PhD students to undertake research.”

Homecare Direct Limited, within Chesterfield, provide services to people who want individual decide to organise their unique support in your house. The corporation was awarded 160,000 by Invest to nurture so as to relocate to new fit for purpose premises also to spend money on its IT infrastructure.

Speaking about the Invest growing fund, Roger Adams, Director at Homecare Direct Limited, said: “Support from Invest to Grow not simply enabled the company to nurture and formulate new employment, and also triggered further collaboration with the University. In 2017 Homecare Direct took on two placement students which been shown to be highly successful and good for the company additionally, the students.”


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