Environmental business snaps up Hinckley’s Labwaste

Labwaste, the Hinkley-headquartered laboratory waste treatment and disposal specialists, have been purchased by international environmental business Tradebe.

Supported by way of variety of purpose-built vehicles, Labwaste operates one of several UK’s most unique hazardous waste transfer stations from your Leicestershire base.

Operating since 2006, this company has produced up a sizable subscriber base across England, Wales and Scotland, providing laboratory waste services including technical waste assessment, labelling, packaging, storage and transportation to final disposal.

“This latest acquisition expands Tradebe’s treatment, transfer and disposal network, directly supporting our UK’s strategic growth plans in such a attractive segment,” said Tradebe UK CEO Rob Molenaar.

“This market penetration acquisition, in addition to the shared safety culture and support service excellence, will discover a smooth and seamless integration of Labwaste into our Tradebe family.”

Treatment & Fuels Director Brian Mulholland added:: “Labwaste is growing to turn into probably the most unique hazardous waste transfer stations in the UK, with remarkable re-use and recovery rates, that is certainly perfectly aligned with the company’s vision, purpose and ethos.

“While Tradebe already successfully are operating in foreign currency trading, combining the strengths of both companies will synergistically complement the other person, driving a higher level of efficiencies.

“Tradebe with a strategic network of sector-leading treatment and transfer stations, combined with Labwaste’s specialist commercial experience and technical operations inside small waste collections market, will result in the future enhancement and continuing development of service offerings there for the laboratory waste market.”


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