LLEP launch 10m grant fund

The Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) has launched a different funding opportunity of as much as 10 million to nurture and grow the regional economy.

The funding opportunity offers grants of up 25% towards the valuation on larger capital projects. It’s an important part of wider efforts to drive productivity during the Leicestershire region, with Local Authorities taking part to pool business rates.

The funding targets three sorts of activity, namely: Project Development Fund; Project Revenue Fund, and Capital Fund.

The maximum grant amount per project is 100,000 while using the Project Development and Project Revenue Funds.

The Capital Fund welcomes projects seeking 500,000 and will consider larger projects certainly where an clear need to have is demonstrated.

“The LLEP wishes to support ambitious capital projects that contribute to the delivery and aims in our Strategic Economic Plan and match local priorities,” said LLEP Chair Nick Pulley.

“We welcome applications illustrate the requirement of public sector intervention and will show how our support will achieve additionally and boost the economic impact within the project.”

Applications for funding can be built by using a online Expression of great interest form over the LLEP website. The closing is Sunday 4th February 2018.


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